Before moving to New York City in 2009, I completed a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography and Painting & Drawing at San Francisco State University, California. Previously I had taken a two- year course of professional photography at the Institute of Art and Communications in Chile, my country of origin.

I developed my passion for photography early on.  I worked as an assistant in my late teens and while going to Photography school in Chile I worked as a professional photographer for a prestigious magazine. At the age of nineteen I also devoted my time to photograph a numerous amount of writers at the “Cycle of writers’ Interview” in Bellavista, Santiago, for what I was paid and photographs were put on a permanent exhibition.

I have worked as freelance photographer for the last 10 years, and have traveled to numerous countries around the world, including Asia, Europe and Latin America, which has provided me of a wide understanding of people and their culture. My education and experience makes me able to create lasting images using a combination of traditional and photojournalist styles, to naturally express the beauty and happiness of such an important event as a Wedding.

Lidia Arriagada-García

Photographer/Owner Lidia Wedding Photography